About Me

Ideal days sailing?
Definitely one of those days that starts with an amazing sunrise from a starry night, the transition from night and day at sea is so dramatic. I love racing in sight of other competitors, nothing drives you more than seeing another more matching you pace for pace. In a crew you all pull together to raise the bar and on your own you just dig even deeper. The feeling of satifaction at the end knowing you put everything into it, is wonderful

And when your not on boat?
Anywhere outside, whether its climbing a mountain in the lake district or Brecon Beacons, riding my bike for miles and miles in the country side or just chilling out somewhere peaceful.

Who inspires you?
I wouldn't say any one person has inspired me directly. Theres sports people that I admire for there drive, determination and ability to achieve the impossible. Lance Armstrong I think is an amazing individual. Within sailing I hold a lot of respect for sailors like Damian Foxall. He has shown that its possible to be highly successful in many different aspects of the sport, Olympic dinghy sailing, America's Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, Figaro, Inshore keelboats, Two Handed the list goes on. He has a great attitude towards his work and seeing what makes him tick helps me understand what it takes to achieve similar success.

Favourite food?
Sushi!! Especially when its fresh out of the sea

Favourite drink?
Tea...I am a true Englishman

Outlook on life?
Give it everything I have when I take on a project. Lance Armstrong was quoted as saying pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever. I'd hate to walk away from something feeling I could have done more, but also remember that if the overall outcome is negative you can still learn from it and take something positive from it.

Ambitions for the future?
To be successful in what I do, whether its in sailing or outside of the sport. I'd like to feel that I was successful in varying aspects of the sport. Sailing is very diverse, but I think to be a great sailor you need to be diverse and good across the field. Dinghy sailing, crewed sailing, inshore, offshore and being able to go it alone and two handed.

Any hobbies outside of sailing?

  • Trekking...finding solitude and thinking time in the mountains and wilderness.
  • Snowboarding...pure thrill and beauty of pure white mountains.
  • Cycling, swimming, keeping fit and feeling that I'm looking after my body.

Plans for Next Year

The Figaro season 2009 promises yet another year of diverse and highly competitive racing. It will provide a fantastic opportunity to take the lessons of 2007 and apply them across the broad spectrum of the Figaro circuit, be it transatlantic, two handed or "Olympic" style short course.